‘Cube’ screened at Engage festival, Glasgow 2021

‘Revsic’, Official video for track by Richard Devine 2018/

‘Siren Servers’, VR installation with ISO design, SONICA, Glasgow 2017/

‘Rei Loci: Holding pattern ep’ released on Bosconi records, Italy 2017/

‘Serchin’ Generative music video, Bosconi, Italy 2017/

‘Soundloom’ screened at New Zealand Film Festival 2016/

‘Cycle 120’ shown ay Melbourne film festival 2016/

‘Soundloom’  screened at Punto y Raya Festival, Berlin 2016/

‘Cyclic’ offical video for track by Max Cooper 2016/

‘Horizons’ performed at ‘Soundthought’, CCA, Glasgow 2016/

‘Neon Cities’    Supernova digital animation festival, Denver, Colorado 2015/

”CR Hex mutant’ by Richard Devine ‘ realtime generative graphics for Tiptop audio records 2015/

‘Cycle 120’ selected for best of category at Ars Electronica, Linz 2015/

‘Articulations’ performed at Cryptic Nights, CCA, Glasgow 2014/

‘Cycle 720’ Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria 2014/

‘Cycle 720’ screened at ShortCuts festival, Melbourne, AU 2014/

‘Clover ground: Sinister voices of Easton’ video, Take the Elevator records. UK 2013/

‘Nebulo : baïkal’, Real-time generative graphics.  For the ‘Cardiac album’ 2012/

‘Eve’ screened at Visible bits audible bytes festival, Leicester, UK     2012/

Soundtrack for ‘Book of disquiet by Fernando Pessoa’ audiobook. SoundFjord, London. 2012/

‘Vaetxh- crumbling shuffle’ Realtime generative video, Detund records. USA 2011/

‘Excerpt-T’      The Engine room festival: A celebration of Cornelius Cardew, Morley College, London 2009/

Numbercult label night, Live A/V performance, SWG3, Glasgow. 2009/

Numbercult 1,2,3: limited vinyl releases 2008/

‘Journeyman, by Octogen’ Realtime generative graphics, Clone records. 2006/

‘Filmhouse’ ident, Edinburgh, ISO design, Glasgow 2006/

Music for ‘Common place’ Architecture exhibit/installation, Commissioned by ISO design, Lighthouse, Glasgow 2005/

‘Banned in the UK’ title graphics Ident, Commissioned by ISO design/Blackwatch for Channel 4, 2005

2000-09/   Multiple productions/releases under moniker ‘Rei Loci’