Siren Servers

Siren Servers was a commission for Sonica 2017 that brought together 4 leading Scottish sound and digital media creatives isodesign, … More

Max Cooper: Cyclic

The original concept was to build an animation around the track ‘Cyclic’. The track has powerful layers of complex percussion … More

Cycles 720

A graphical sequencer where graphical collisions create the percussion. The design follows my interest in trying to mirror the emergent … More


Inspired by Cornelius Cardew’s graphical score for treatise and based a seismograph-like method of mapping visual motion to generative musical … More

Neon cities

Cities shape us as much as we create them. Part of a series of works exploring the environment as a … More

Plex trois

Taken from an unreleased soundtrack (2013) From the same sound track, some experimental piano modifiers…


This was shown at the engine room festival, a celebration of the work of Cornelius Cardew . It’s a generative … More