Siren Servers

Siren Servers was a commission for Sonica 2017 that brought together 4 leading Scottish sound and digital media creatives isodesign, Butler Bros, Numbercult and Giles Lamb to create a subterranean VR installation at the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City. Exploring real time graphics, sensing and 3D audio this is a journey through a series of volumetric tableaux, with reactive motionography and sound.

Above is an edited version of the original VR installation rolled out to a panarama and with a more minimal arrangement, music was composed by Giles Lamb then re-arranged by myself. A real-time generative animation reacted to the position of the viewer/listener, as well as the music and other digital entities within the performance. Binaural sound tagged the position of objects within 3d space giving added depth to the experience.

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