Max Cooper: Cyclic

Max Cooper – Cyclic – Official Video by Numbercult

The original concept was to build an animation around the track ‘Cyclic’. The track has powerful layers of complex percussion which producing a building mechanistic intensity. This is counterbalanced with melodic weightiness and a sense of scale, which evolves in waves across the piece. Max pushed the design to include a shift from 2d to 3d, and I conceived of a mechanistic structure that becomes part a sort of (futurist inspired) clockwork solar system (based on the orrery).

Rather have a conventional linear narrative or ‘journey’ I liked the idea of the Schrodingers multiverse. Working on that principle, multiple unique versions of the original system were developed by first duplicating the original solar system multiple times. Each solar system then developed independently; they contain their own behaviours, geometries and relationships, yet all occupy the same space and share a common aesthetic.

The music guides the narrative as we journey between all the overlapping solar systems, the journey is between dimensions rather than across space which I thought fitted nicely with the ideas expressed in the music: deepening but retaining a common hypnotic template. Each of the solar systems is generative; the whole project is recorded in real-time with no post production. Each recording is entirely unique guided only by the rules that govern each component system and its response via FFT analysis and directly from midi triggers and clock

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